WIC+ Travel Grant Summary – Vicky Jun, Chemical Biology and Physiology 21|22 Conference

I am grateful and honored to receive the WIC+ Professional Development Grant. Support from the WIC+ allowed me to attend my first in-person Chemical Biology and Physiology 21|22 Conference held in Oregon, where I was able to build many new networks within chemical biology communities all around the world. As my research interest expands to translational research related to human health, this conference was a perfect opportunity to explore my expertise and interest. I have met and talked with over ten faculty members, including young assistant professors and full professors, from all over the world (e.g., Japan, Canada, Netherlands, and the U.S.). I had a fruitful and meaningful time sharing my current work and getting feedback on proposal ideas for my independent career. I have met many students and postdocs who will be my future academic friends and colleagues. This conference has benefited me professionally and personally by letting me 1) share my work, 2) build a network, and 3) meet mentors whom I can ask for advice when I search for academic jobs in the future. Without the generous support from WIC+, I would not have solely enjoyed the conference without worrying about the cost and other needs.

I would like to thank WIC+committee members for spending their time and effort to review grant applications and provide the best support to every women+ chemist in need. Lastly and most importantly, WIC+ provided me a sense of belonging to this supportive community, which I find to be the best part of getting this support.