Women in Chemistry is a student-run organization and is supported by contributions from our generous donors. We are deeply grateful for this generosity and for the continued support of our mission to enrich the MIT experience for women in the Department of Chemistry.

If you are interested in contributing to Women in Chemistry, please contact the WIC Advisory Board at

Our Donors

American Tokyo Kasei, Inc*
Amgen Inc*
Dow Chemical Company*
Incyte Corp*
Pfizer Inc*
Snapdragon Chemistry, Inc.*

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation*
Judith E. Selwyn and Lee L. Selwyn Foundation

Stephen Leffler Buchwald and Susan Haber*
Paula Jean Olsiewski and John H. Healey*
Timothy F. Jamison*
Stephen A. Koch and Michelle M. Millar (dec’d)*
MIT School of Science*
Laura L. Kiessling and Ronald T. Raines*
Florian J. Schattenmann and Sheree L. Stokes*

*chief donors to endow the fund

Claudia Y. Ayala
Steven M. Brunelli
Dana C. Buske and Michael K. Schneider
Monica Catherine Byrne
Thomas Cameron
Toni G. Chancellor and Curtis E. Adams
Bin Chen
Patricia D. Christie and Mr. Floyd P. Lozano
Christopher C. Cummins
Dabney White Dixon
Dhvani Doshi
Mildred S. Dresselhaus (dec’d)
Judith A. Fox
Suzanne E. Franks
Katherine J. Franz
Marie K. Herring
Joseph M. Hunt
Paula M. Jacobs
Beth C. Kleiner
Janice M. Klunder
Anne M. Lapointe
Alyssa Maxine Larson
Catherine Leatherdale
Katherine L. Lee
Stephen J. Lippard
George Joseph Maalouf
Patricia A. Mabrouk
Roanne M. Neuwirth
Kollol Pal
Bhavani Rajaram
Maja Razlog
Rebecca Ruck
Crystal Shih
Nancy Sridhar
Jean K. Whelan
Beverly S. Wright
Alexandra I. Zakak
Hui Zhu
3M Foundation
Ms. Claudia Y. Ayala
Dr. Dana C. Buske
Monica Catherine Byrne
Dr. Dabney White Dixon
Dr. Mildred S. Dresselhaus
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation
Dr. Suzanne E. Franks
Dr. Katherine J. Franz
General Electric Foundation
Dr. Joseph M. Hunt
Dr. Paula M. Jacobs
Dr. Beth C. Kleiner
Dr. Stephen A. Koch, and in honor of his late wife Dr. Michelle M. Millar
Dr. Anne M. Lapointe
Dr. Catherine Leatherdale
Dr. Patricia A. Mabrouk
Ms. Roanne M. Neuwirth
Dr. Paula J. Olsiewski
Dr. Bhavani Rajaram
Maja Razlog
Lee L. and Judith E. Selwyn Foundation
Dr. Jean K. Whelan
Mrs. Beverly S. Wright
Mrs. Alexandra I. Zakak