Women in Chemistry is a student-run organization, and is exclusively supported by contributions from our generous donors. We are deeply grateful for this generosity and for the continued support of our mission to enrich the MIT experience for women in the Department of Chemistry.

If you are interested in contributing to Women in Chemistry, please contact the WIC Advisory Board at

Our Donors

  • 3M Foundation
  • Ms. Claudia Y. Ayala
  • Dr. Dana C. Buske
  • Monica Catherine Byrne
  • Dr. Dabney White Dixon
  • Dr. Mildred S. Dresselhaus
  • Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation
  • Dr. Suzanne E. Franks
  • Dr. Katherine J. Franz
  • General Electric Foundation
  • Dr. Joseph M. Hunt
  • Dr. Paula M. Jacobs
  • Dr. Beth C. Kleiner
  • * Dr. Stephen A. Koch, and in honor of his late wife Dr. Michelle M. Millar
  • Dr. Anne M. Lapointe
  • Dr. Catherine Leatherdale
  • Dr. Patricia A. Mabrouk
  • Ms. Roanne M. Neuwirth
  • * Dr. Paula J. Olsiewski
  • Dr. Bhavani Rajaram
  • Maja Razlog
  • * Lee L. and Judith E. Selwyn Foundation
  • Dr. Jean K. Whelan
  • Mrs. Beverly S. Wright
  • Mrs. Alexandra I. Zakak 

* Major Benefactor